A creative agency built for today

Sales and marketing used to be 80% for your business and just 20% for your customers. Today, it’s the exact opposite - and we’re tired of seeing businesses struggle to grow and develop their customers’ online and offline experiences.

Over the years, we’ve successfully sharpened a skill set covering all facets of today’s sales and marketing; from web development and digital marketing to telesales and door-to-door campaigns.

Now, we want to give you access to our marketing arsenal.

We’re keen to share our knowledge and experiences, so we’ve created two different event styles that cater to different levels of readiness and expertise.

Series 1: Mapping The Customer Journey

In this event series, we’ll teach you our tried and tested methods for building your customer’s path to purchase, including:

Designing a website that speaks to customers in their own voice

Better communication with your customers and prospects - both online and offline

Analysing metrics and data to help you fully understand your customers

Increasing your online presence through Google so your customers find you easily

These events are suited for businesses that are 3-4 years in maturity and haven’t dipped their toes in marketing very much - but are eager to get started.

If that sounds like you, follow My Marketing Brain and get updates on our upcoming events.

Series 2: Optimising The Customer Experience

These events build on the basics and fundamentals learnt in the Mapping series, and are set up to shift your marketing into top gear.

You’ll learn more advanced, high-level techniques to create a compelling customer experience, such as:

The importance of tracking the customer experience offline and online - and how to do it

Transforming your prospects into customers with conversion rate optimisation

Connecting the dots between offline conversations and online conversions

Building a customer-first mindset and becoming obsessed with the customer experience