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New business
$ 2995 + Gst
Billed monthly
Lets talk
Website build or redesign

New business services

Comprehensive audit
Marketing brain solution
Google mantra
Mobile first
Content strategy
Images and Brand
Ux and UI solutions
Search engine compliance
Social media platforms
SEO 101
Advanced SEO
Website management
Digital marketing training
Mature business
$ 4995 + Gst
Billed monthly
Lets talk
Website build or redesign

All new business services

Web development management
Content Marketing management
A/B testing
Digital marketing solutions
Social media management
Advanced analytics
Marketing automation
SEO management
Advanced Google mantra
Search engine management
Marketing brain strategy
Advanced social media
Enterprise business
$ 6995 + Gst
Billed monthly
Lets talk
Website build or redesign

All mature business services

Digital Marketing team
Social Media team
Dedicated Content writers
Real time marketing
Offline marketing
Advanced team training
PR promotions
Marketing brain strategy
* Advance Website redesign will incur additional cost
** Ask about our free digital training
*** All prices don’t include GST

Customer support

New business
  • Getting started guide
  • Monthly SOW meeting
  • Support manager
  • Email and phone support
Mature business
  • Getting started guide
  • Monthly SOW meeting
  • Support manager
  • In house training
  • Email and phone support
  • Access to marketer
  • Social media expert
Enterprise business
  • Getting started guide
  • Monthly team meeting
  • Support management team
  • Full access to all training
  • 24hr email and phone support

Frequently asked questions

How does our free audit really work?

Businesses are cautious when it comes to investing in marketing and rightly so. That’s why we give away a free audit, so you can create and build your own strategy.

Are there any commitments?

Yes. We like to work with clients over 6-12 month period. We do a ton of up-front work on these plans, especially in the first two months. Experts will tell you it takes after time after see results.

How can you guarantee your marketing?

This would be amazing if we could. We deal with people and their emotions online or off, so it’s hard to guarantee. We can guarantee your success, as we have always hit the targets we set togeather.

How do you compare with other marketing agencies?

Very, very different. We believe the current agency model is broken, before they still focus on siloed marketing. Our preference is a more balanced approach. We solve and improve your website, social media, content marketing and so much more.

Can you work with our marketing team?

Absolutely. We love the opportunity to combine skills, tactics and experience, especially when we are all focused on the same goal.

Can I change my plan?

OF course. We are flexible, our pricing structure and plans are set up for exactly that purpose.

What is a Marketing Brain strategy?

Our expertise comes from experience. We understand your customer product, service and USP straight away.

Can we work together for a few months?

It would be nice. But we can’t make you stand out if we don’t know your website, product, service, and marketing.

How does your free training work?

We love to share our knowledge and teach our clients. Our 6-month plans give us the opportunity to teach web development, SEO, social media and much more.

Why can’t I do this myself?

It’s taken years to perfect our marketing model, that’s why we have made it scalable and easy to duplicate for small-to-medium businesses as well as enterprise business

What to expect from monthly meetings?

Love this question. All our plans have monthly mandatory catch-ups via phone, video or face-2-face. This is an opportunity to answer questios and sign off on work.

Why do you charge a month in advance?

Very simple. We don’t believe in contracts work, results typically do all the talking. Plus, it make everyone accountable.

Our customers and employees are our investors, we listen and answer to them.